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Happy Birthday Mom =)

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My mother, Beverly Jean Barrett, was born 18 July 1928 in Boulder, Colorado. She was the only child of Edith Mary Coons and Charles McWhirter Barrett. This past Thursday would have been her 85th birthday. She passed away 1 October 1995, at the age of 67, just a few months after my daughter was born. She had 9 children, and at that point in time she had 23 grandchildren. Rather than being called “Grandma” she preferred to be called “Nana”, although I’m not sure why. Her mother had also gone by “Nana” in her later years.

With friends, she went by “Jeannie” when she was a girl, and then by “Jean” when she grew older. Her 3rd husband used to get frustrated when he would call her name and both mom and I would answer, so he started calling her “Beverly” when she was in her 40’s.  She went by that until the day she died.

She was petite, about 5’ (and a debatable 1”) tall, with medium brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair never went gray, much to her chagrin, and she actually bought wigs to wear that had “silver” highlights in them.

She was incredibly intelligent, funny, beautiful and charming, and could strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere. She was a stickler for manners, table and otherwise.

Beverly Jean Barrett c1946 Beverly Jean Barrett c 1946


Mom was a talented seamstress and made a lot of my clothes (and my Barbie doll clothes) when I was little. She made my sister Annie’s wedding dress and her bride’s maid’s dresses as well. She was forever crocheting and knitting things. I remember a ski sweater she made for my brother when he was a teenager, which I got as a hand me down.  It was a beautiful shade of royal blue and had snowflakes knitted across the top of it. I wore it until it fell apart about 15 years ago. I wish I still had it.

She was also a good cook, and was famous for her tacos. I’ll just say that there is deep fat frying and Velveeta cheese involvement. They seem to be pure fat, and are so bad for you, but they are so good. When we were kids we used to have taco eating contests. My sister thinks the record was somewhere between 12 and 15 tacos. Some of my siblings still make them a couple of times a year for special occasions. More often than that, and you’re just begging for a heart attack.

When I was a girl, and I’d get sick, my mom would head to the store for chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers. She would also buy a new coloring book and a box of brand new crayons to keep me entertained.  Many years later when I was married, mom happened to call when I wasn’t feeling well.  I reminded her how she used to do that for me.  A couple of days later in the mail she sent me a package with…you guessed it, a coloring book and a brand new box of crayons.

Somewhere, in a box in the garage, I still have those.

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Grace Barrett & Guy Roberts

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My great grandfather, Harry McWhirter, was adopted by his aunt Eleanor “Nellie” Blake and her husband Charles S. Barrett in December of 1878 at the age of 9.

Nellie and Charles had already had two children by the time Harry had come to live with them, Grace Eleanor Barrett (1870-19??) and Bessie Ann Barrett (1873-1942)

Gracie grew up, became a kindergarten teacher, and worked in the public school system in Titusville, Crawford, Pennsylvania, from about 1900 to 1909. By 1910 she had moved out west to Denver, Colorado, near her older brother/cousin Harry. She was 40 years old, as yet unmarried, and employed by the Denver public school system as a kindergarten teacher.

I had discovered a few years ago that Gracie had gotten married sometime after 1920, to a gentleman named Guy Halbert Roberts (1880-1970), but did not know the exact wedding date, nor did I have any pictures of either of them.

My cousin, Eric Recht, sent me this photograph of a McWhirter-Barrett Christmas gathering in Denver, Colorado, which took place in December of 1931.

McWhirter-Barrett Family Christmas Gathering Denver, Colorado, 1931l-r back row: Guy Roberts, Jessie E. Barrett, Charles McWhirter-Barrett, Edith C. Barrett, Warren D. Hardaway, l-r middle row: Grace Barrett Roberts, Harry McWhirter-Barrett, Almira Barrett Hardaway, l-r front row: Mary Hardaway, Harriet Hardaway, Beverly Jean Barrett.

When I saw this picture, I remember immediately thinking what incredibly kind faces they had, and that I would have really liked them both.

Grace Barrett Roberts & Guy Roberts, Christmas 1931, Denver, Colorado, United States_edited-1Grace Barrett Roberts & Guy H. Roberts, December 1931, Denver, Denver, Colorado

As I was going through some old newspaper archives online today, I found this wedding announcement for Gracie and Guy in the Denver Post, dated 13 October 1921. It was too good not to share. (This is where the, “Awwwww” title of this blog post comes in. =))

Grace Barrett & Guy Roberts Wedding Announcement2 Denver Post 13 October 1921

Denver Post, 13 October 1921

At the time of their marriage, Grace was age 51, and Guy 41, which would have made him 9 years, 7 months and 8 days younger than she was. (Go Gracie!)

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Prepare thyself to search their fathers....shall not they teach thee, and tell thee, and utter words out of their hearts? Job 8:8-10