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Gifts from Dorothy

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Every once in a while my sister Dorothy will come to my house bearing genealogical gifts. (My favorite kind =D) Her most recent gift was the guest registry from our father’s (John Weston Ramsell 1932-1970) memorial service held 12 November 1970, in Monterey Park, California, USA.

As I was reading through the signatures, I didn’t recognize most of the names, and I couldn’t help but wonder who these people were, and how they knew my father.

As I’ve mentioned before, my father died when I was very young, and consequently, I don’t know much about him. With that in mind, I’ve decided to post the signature pages here in hopes that one of the attendees might come across this blog post and be willing to “tell me a story” about my dad. I realize it has been 46 years, but…..



Casket Bearers: James Reifeiss, John C. Ostrom, Phillip C. Gardener?, Hugh Lomas, James Johnson, Drew Popson


Lowell J. Campbell, Marie Melford, Evelyn Pittman, Jackie Cargemi, Michael E. Neuman, Vincent Loomis, Chris Blassman, Sandy Taylor, James E. Johnson, Peggy Baker, Alise Shearer, Irene Brandenberg, Darrell Henderson, Job Dragan, George J. Huston, Joe Caricchio


Walter W. Doman, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Colvin, Mr. & Mrs. Arlis Keller, Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Greenwood, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pommerville, Charles Vogl, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Blassman, Lady E. Alexander, Dan Taylor,  Alan R. Smith, Paul Ramsell, Anne Ramsell, Dorothy Zane, John C. Ramsell


Don Hamilton, Mary Ramsell, Cathy Ramsell, Mr. & Mrs. C.K. O’Neill, Ira D. Brown, Phillip C. ?, Mr. & Mrs. August A. Giacomelli, Jack & Peggy Johnson, Mike Trujillo, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lillo, Chet & Meg Gilgen, Vi Flowers, Connie Hall, Tiffy Newbigging, Gene Homenick, Olga Jenkins


Eleanor Popson, Roberta Urban Ramsell, Mr. & Mrs Edwards, Edith W Smith, Mr. & Mrs Jo Creacy, Steve Dupre, Vivienne Dupre, Donna Raines, Sandra Raines, Bell Dulglest, Leona Pennington, Audrey Tyler, Mary Kendrich, Patty Reifriess, Karen Ostrom, Mickie Coughlin, Harold Toyn, Stephen D. Foreman, Clifford H. Marker


Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Lomas, Lorie Lomas, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Gark?, Jay Peterson, Marina Garcia, Lionel Harrison, Nola Hoover, Clara Yocum, Mildred Hatch, J. Barlow Hatch, Joe Stein, James J. Reifeiss,  Mr. & Mrs. T.E. VanWimble?, Karen L. Byers, Kris Hurst, Carolyn Byers, Mr. & Mrs Oran Pittman


Hilda Haug, Peggy Baker, Charlide Vogl, Mr. & Mrs. G.S. Medley,  Mr. & Mrs. Arlin Keller, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Beassman, Ron Crouch, Nadina Flackman,  Marie Goss, Mr. & Mrs. James E. Johnson, Randy Johnson, Matt Johnson, Lon Matthis, John Johnston, Samuel Seigle, Pat Hines


Rick Hines, Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Denenport, Paul L. Denenport III, Mark Pearson, Kenny Nissle,  Anthony J.L. Crawford, Olga H. Thomas, Robert B. Levy?, Ray Colvin, Joseph J. Dropchick, Rose B. Ralzioli, Mary Alsop, Gary Selcer, Jerry Fogel, Michael Pearson, Dern Korff, Carmen Mendoza


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Call, Ira D. Brown, Dan A. Aedy?, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Curran, Lisa Hansen, Bishop & Mrs. DeVere Anderson, Lori Anderson, Jeff Anderson, Annetta Gibson, Beverly Schofield, Mrs. Marie Sanchez, Kenneth L. Branford, Mrs. Virginia Plummer, Roger W. Temple, Donald W. Helgren, Russell Call, Nate Pearman


Sandra Raines, Ted & Carolyn Black, Bea Mansfield, Mrs. Jack D. Johnson, Barbara A. Spurling, Ray Sparks, Deborah Greene, Vena McGuire



Jeannine Mayer, Brent Mayer, Maurine Byers, Tom Byers, Marilyn Johnson, Glen Byers, Drew Popson, Irene Koepp, Sandy Taylor, Chris Blassman, Stephanie Penrich, Linda Gallentine, Mr. & Mrs Russ Gallentine, L. Dee Gardner, Mr. & Mrs. W. Klerks, Jackie Zurinskas


Claire Thurner, Del Aldrich

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