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Julia Anna Barcus Davis (1818-1907) was my 3rd great grandmother, and grandmother-in-law to my great grandfather, Harry McWhirter Barrett, of whom I’ve written about previously.

Julia Anna Barcus DavisJulia Anna Barcus Davis (c 1900)

The following article appeared in the local newspaper in Cambridge, Ohio on December 31, 1903. She had recently held a large family reunion at the home of her daughter, Emma Davis Sarchet (1852-1938).

Cambridge Jeffersonian

Thursday, December 31, 1903, Cambridge, Ohio

On Christmas day at the home of Prof, and Mrs. John H. (Emma Davis) Sarchet there was a happy reunion of the family of Mrs. Julia A. Davis. The house was beautiful in its Christmas dress of green and red  and while. Some of the members  of this family are gone and we will never see their faces again on earth, but the surviving members of the family were all present, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. All at  home and the broken circle was filled up again with   loved ones.

Mr. Cline took a picture of the family and flash light pictures were taken of the dining room and Christmas tree. The taking of these pictures occupied but a moment but they will have associations that will make them dear as long as we live.

All morning through every crevice came odors that made us hungry and when we were called to dinner we found it was no wonder for there was a Christmas feast, two tables beautifully decorated, one a children’s table, with a huge ring of well filled stockings
hanging from the chandelier and in the center of the table was a large snow ball with a holly top. The other table for the papas and mamas, uncles and’ aunts was bright with holly and at each plate hand painted name cards and a pretty box of home made candy. After dinner came the Christmas tree for the children and the grown-up were included in the category. The tree was covered with
gifts for all with love and Christmas joy.

At this home gathering were: Mr. Julia A. (Barcus) Davis, Rev. and Mrs. Hugh Barrett  (Julia Allie Davis) Edwards, of Leesville, Ohio., and their daughter, Mrs. Harry McWhirter (Jessie Edwards) Barrett , of Pueblo, Colo., and her two children, Edwards Barrett and Almira Barrett; Prof and Mrs. John H. (Emma Davis) Sarchet, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. (Annie Davis) Bonnell and their son Paul D. Bonnell and wife (Allie Linkhorn): James W. Grimes and wife (Mary Green) and two children. Sara Grimes and James Walter Grimes Jr.: Miss Jessie Grimes, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. (Ellie Grimes) Rosemond and their children, Alice Rosemond, Marjorie Rosemond, Philip Rosemond and Leslie Rosemond: Miss Sue Rosemond, Judge and Mrs. J. W. Campbell, Mrs. Mary (Barcus) Bullock., of Waco, Texas, a niece of Mrs. Davis who is making her first visit with Cambridge relatives.

The Christmas at Grandmother’s, that dear old lady, whose gentle life is a blessing to all, was a happy one and long to be remembered. Christmas love and joy and peace.

Julia Barcus Davis Christmas Family Reunion Dec #1

Julia Barcus Davis Christmas Family Reunion Dec 1903 #2

Julia Barcus Davis Christmas Family Reunion Dec 1903 #3Cambridge Jeffersonian, 31 December 1903, pg #4

John Henry Sarchet HouseHome of John & Emma Davis Sarchet

Edwards Christmas Family Reunion Cambridge Ohio
Taken on the steps of the Guernsey County Courthouse
801 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio
(Photo courtesy of Eric Recht)

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I’ve been researching my McWhirter family line for over 20 years now, and have been tracking the descendants of Thomas McWhirter Sr. (1800-1867) and Eliza Jane Beatty (1800-1846) forward in time.

I recently came across some articles in the archives of an old San Francisco newspaper regarding Mary Jane “Jennie” McWhirter. Jennie was one of Thomas and Eliza’s granddaughters through their son Thomas McWhirter Jr. (1835-1876) and his wife Esther Sherer (1841-1885).

Mary Jane McWhirter  was born 31 August 1865 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Mary Jane McWhirter Birth RecordSource Information: Ancestry.com. Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 

Jennie married John Jacob Klapperich (1864-1943) in San Francisco, California in 1886. They divorced 0n 2 April 1902,  in San Francisco, California. The following three newspaper articles appeared in the San Francisco Call Newspaper regarding their divorce.

I found the first one kind of amusing.

Mrs. Klapperich Files Answer

Mrs. Jennie M. Klapperich who is being sued for divorce by John J. Klapperich, filed an answer and cross complaint yesterday. She denies that she ever said her husband was crazy, or that the drove him from home by her ill treatment.  She also denies having compelled him to mend his clothes.  In her cross complaint the wife alleges that her husband deserted her.  The Klapperichs were married in 1886 and reside at 179 Albion Ave.

Klapperich Divorce FiledSan Francisco Call, Volume 87, Number 113, 23 March 1902

Divorces were granted to…Jennie M. Klapperich from John J. Klapperich for  desertion.

Klapperich Divorce GrantedSan Francisco Call, Volume XCI, Number 122, 1 April 1902

John J. Klapperich, a wagonmaker, who was divorced April 2 1902, from Jeannie M. Klapperich, was ordered by Judge Seawell yesterday to be taken into custody and held in jail until he pays $100 back alimony to Mrs. Klapperich.

Klapperich Alimony ArticleSan Francisco Call, Volume 101, Number 74, 12 February 1907

Jennie remarried on 28 February 1912 to Hermann Schaffner (1851-1921). The following wedding announcement appeared in the newspaper.

   A quiet wedding was performed in the First Congregational Church of this city on Wednesday evening, when Mrs. Jennie Klapperich and Hermann Schaffner were married.  Only the immediate families witnessed the ceremony, which was performed by Dr. Charles F. Aked.  Mr. and Mrs. Schaffner are passing their honeymoon in the southern part of the state.  On their return they will reside permanently in San Francisco, where a pretty home awaits them at 1134 Castro Street.  Both Schaffner and his bride are well known in this city, with whose social life they have been identified for a number of years.  Before the catastrophe of 1906, Mrs. Schaffner was a prominent resident of the old Mission district, and since then she has resided in Ashbury heights.  Schaffner is a member of a number of fraternal societies, having been grand keeper of records and seal of the Knights of Pythias of California for 26 years.  He is also a past brigadier general of the uniform rank of that order, and a past imperial prince of the Dramatic Order, Knights of Khorassan.

Jennie McWhirter Klapperich RemarriesSan Francisco Call, Volume 111, Number 94, 3 March 1912

Jennie McWhirter Klapperich Schaffner  died just nine months after her marriage to Hermann on 20 December 1912, in San Francisco, California.  The following obituary appeared in the newspaper on 22 December 1912.  It does not mention cause of death or where she was buried.

SCHAFFNER- In this city, December 20 1912

Jennie H., beloved wife of Herman Schaffner, beloved mother of Louis Klapperich, and loving sister of H.E. and W.J. McWhirter, a native of Boston, Mass. A member of Mission Lodge No. 296, G.F.B. (Boston Mass., papers please copy)

Interment private.

Mary Jane 'Jennie' McWhirter Klapperich Schaffner ObitSan Francisco Call, Volume 113, Number 22, 22 December 1912

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